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Should I Rent or Buy?

To rent or to buy? It's a question many people ask themselves sooner or later. Maybe you have a growing family, or you've been renting for years and finally can afford to buy a home. Obviously you'll spend a lot of time researching your options. Here you'll find some information on the advantages of renting.

Lower Costs
When you rent, you don't have to worry about a high down payment or heavy closing costs. Taxes and insurance are less of a concern. Also, renting will generally cost you less per month than a mortgage payment for similar property.

Greater Personal Flexibility
Renting gives you the flexibility to move if you need to -- if you change jobs, for example, or if you decide you want a change of environment. When you rent, you're not locked into a thirty-year financial investment the way you can be with a mortgage, and you don't have to worry about real estate market trends.

Fewer Maintenance Expenses
Buying a house brings responsibilities like maintenance and upkeep. Renting can relieve you of those burdens. Instead of spending money on property repairs, you can save for your retirement; buy stocks, bonds, or other investments; or put money into a side business or hobby.

Less Risk
When you rent, your housing situation is not affected as much by the economy and personal job security. If you have to move in 3 or 5 years, you're not tied down to an expensive mortgage commitment. You can leave one rented home and find another quickly -- and with less expense than leaving behind an unoccupied house.

All the Extras Included
If you rent from a community-oriented company such as Candlewood Property Management, LLC, you'll enjoy all sorts of conveniences! Your rented home might have amenities such as new appliances, washer/dryer, or central air. Depending on where you rent, your community might include a garage and your utilities. Finally, you will have professional management with staff ready to assist you at all times and even 24-hour emergency maintenance